When HomeMart agent websites were hacked, their customers lost their homesmart coverage

HomeMart’s agents were hacked by the FBI, and many people in the market for homesmart insurance lost their coverage, according to a report published Wednesday by The Information.

The article says agents for HomeMart were able to breach a security portal that stores and manages HomeMart insurance claims and provide a backdoor to its agents’ web servers.

That’s because HomeMart has been known to compromise its agents, according the report.

HomeMart is not disclosing the security breach or the identities of its agents involved, according a HomeMart spokesperson.

The article also states that some agents have reported that HomeMart agents have compromised their home security systems and have gone to the homesmart websites to steal their agents’ information.

HomeMart’s representatives did not respond to a request for comment.

The breach has forced many agents to stop using HomeMart as their primary agent, said Mark B. Smith, a home security specialist at cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab.

The company’s research has shown that home security is often compromised when home agents use the same passwords across different sites.

“There’s a lot of people who are just getting in over their head, and are just trying to make a little bit of extra money by not using HomeMobile,” Smith said.

“That’s where we see a lot more breaches and this kind of thing.

It’s a huge problem.

It takes away from the overall security of the entire market.”

Smith also pointed out that HomeMobile, the company that sells home security products, has also been hit by hacks.

The breaches have affected HomeMobile’s mobile app and HomeMobile web security systems.

HomeMobile says it has patched the vulnerabilities in its agents but still doesn’t recommend agents use HomeMobile products for home security.

It recommends that agents use third-party products like Kaspersko’s HomeSafari, Norton’s FireEye, and Avast’s Security Essentials.

The report also notes that Homemart’s agents are often using HomeSite’s agents’ names to access their web sites.

The Information’s story cites an agent who says he tried to hack the agents’ home sites using his own name, but it wouldn’t let him access them because HomeSite blocked the names he used to access the agents.

In an interview with The Information, a HomeSite representative said that it has made changes to its software to block “unacceptable access to websites.”

The Information reported on HomeSite in May, when it was revealed that HomeSite agents were stealing customers’ personal information, including their home address, and selling it to online shopping sites.

The site has since been acquired by the online giant Amazon.

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