Canadian company to develop $2.8 billion technology to identify and track threats to Canada’s critical infrastructure

An Ottawa-based technology company is aiming to build a database of every type of malware, from viruses to ransomware to trojans, that the Canadian government and its industry partners have deployed to steal trade secrets.

The database, dubbed the Global Security Index, is expected to become an industry standard for tracking the malware that’s causing the most damage in Canada’s crucial critical infrastructure, such as water, power and communications systems.

“The data will help us better understand the root causes of the cyberthreat, the risk of attack and the ability to mitigate against them,” said Craig Gennaro, executive director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service.

“We can now do a more complete picture of what’s really going on.”

The company, which was launched by a Canadian company called Global Security Research, says it will use its database to identify, target and mitigate malware that infects critical infrastructure.

The system will also provide a tool to businesses to better understand how cyberthreats are spreading, Gennero said.

The project is funded by the Canadian Government, and is part of the country’s cyber strategy, which aims to protect critical infrastructure against the spread of malicious code.

Gennaco said the project will also help companies with cyber threat intelligence and data analysis.

The Global Security index will be used to identify cyber threats, such the Stuxnet worm, the Heartbleed bug, Flame, and the so-called “Zombie” ransomware.

Gizmodo Canada first reported the news about the project last week.

Gensaro said the company has identified more than 10,000 ransomware infections worldwide.

The index, which is expected by the end of the year, is the first publicly available version of its data.

Gersaros group says it has built a software suite that can help identify and mitigate cyber threats.

“In addition to being able to identify threat types and types of malware that are evolving over time, the Global Threat Index will help organisations better understand where they stand in relation to other organizations around the world,” Gennarro said.

“This data will enable us to take action on the threat.”

Gennacio said the Global Securitas Index will be available to companies and governments worldwide.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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