The CIA says it killed at least 20 Yemenis in drone strike

The CIA on Thursday released the names of the 15 Yemenis killed in a drone strike in northern Yemen, as the U.S. and its allies ramped up pressure on the country to return to peace talks.

The strikes came as the United States ramped-up its air campaign against Islamic State militants in Yemen.

The U.N. says more than 10,000 civilians have been killed in the conflict.

The United States had been targeting the Houthi rebels in Yemen’s north, where they are allied with Iran.

The United States has also targeted the group in other regions in the country, including in the capital, Sanaa, where U.NSomo was reported to have been shot down.

A Yemeni government official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly, said the strikes killed at most 15 people in a suburb of the capital of Sanaa.

The official said the strike hit a building used by Houthi militia that were suspected of being involved in the assassination of an al-Qaeda leader.

The attacks came as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt launched their own strikes in Yemen, including against suspected al-Qaida members.

The U.K. foreign secretary, Boris Johnson, said in a statement on Thursday that he was “deeply concerned” about the attacks and called for an end to “all strikes against civilians.”

Johnson added that the United Kingdom was working with the international community “to ensure the safety and security of all people in Yemen.”

A coalition of U.C.L.A. universities called on U.

Ns. to ban strikes against schools and other civilian targets.

“The United Nations must not allow the targeted killing of civilians to continue,” the coalition said in its statement.

“In the interests of peace, democracy, human rights, and all those we serve, the U!


must prohibit the targeting of schools and educational facilities in conflict zones.”

Civilians must not be targeted in the first place.

“The coalition also called on the United Nations to investigate the strikes.

The attack came a day after Saudi Arabia and the United Emirates launched a campaign to retake the southern port city of Aden from the Houthis, who have been trying to wrest control of the country from Iran-allied President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi.

The coalition said the Saudi-led assault in Aden was meant to push the Houths out of their stronghold in the south.

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