Avro agent marketing website gets hit with domain name seizure

A new Avro Agent Marketing website is under a domain name seizures by domain name registrar and it has been seized by a court.

The domain name, agentmarketing.com, was registered by the National Semiconductor Company on November 6, and was set up to promote the company’s products.

It was registered as a generic domain name in February this year, and the registration was revoked on March 23.

On Monday, the registrar, Domain Name Registration Authority (DNO), seized the domain name for domain name of agentmarketings.com.

The company said the domain was registered with an expired domain name.

“The registrar will no longer be able to renew the domain,” the company said.

The registration was registered on behalf of the National Security Agency.

The company also registered its own domain, agent-marketing-microsoft.com in the same domain name block.

The NSSA, in a statement, said: “The domain agentmarket.com was registered in February 2017.

The domain was transferred to the registrant in March 2017, and then it was seized on March 24.”

It said the NSSC also “received notification of a seizure by the registrars domain name domain name registry.”

According to the company, the domain had a “strong connection to the National Service Intelligence Directorate (NSID) and other sensitive intelligence agencies”.

The NSD is a secret intelligence agency of the Russian Federation, tasked with conducting espionage and cyber-attacks against foreign targets.

The seizure of the domain comes amid ongoing tensions between the US and Russia over the conflict in Ukraine.

In February, the US imposed sanctions on a Russian-backed rebel group known as the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) for alleged war crimes, including the killing of at least 40 people and wounding of more than 200 in the Luhansk region.

The DNR is backed by Russia, and a recent report by the US intelligence community found that the DPR was responsible for more than a quarter of the deaths of civilians in eastern Ukraine.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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