What is the MTL agent website?

A website for agents who want to apply for insurance coverage on their own terms.A portal where agents can easily request help, and get advice on the most effective ways of applying for insurance.A website where agents are encouraged to take part in discussions with other agents, and to share their experience with others.The agent […]

Alitalia’s live agent website opens in UK, US

A live agent’s website has been live-streamed in the UK and the US, as well as in the UAE, according to Alitalias site.The company’s first live agent in the Middle East was launched in the Gulf in 2013.Live agent sites have become increasingly popular in the US in recent years, with companies like Alitalian and […]

Canadian company to develop $2.8 billion technology to identify and track threats to Canada’s critical infrastructure

An Ottawa-based technology company is aiming to build a database of every type of malware, from viruses to ransomware to trojans, that the Canadian government and its industry partners have deployed to steal trade secrets.The database, dubbed the Global Security Index, is expected to become an industry standard for tracking the malware that’s causing the […]

Agent Elite website is back online, but not for real

Agents Elite is back on the web, but for a limited time.Agents Elite, which was originally launched back in 2012, was taken offline by a domain registrar, according to the site’s creator, Michael Concerge.Agents elite is back and working as usual, according a post on the agent elite blog, but you will need to be […]

How to buy tickets for the Oscars: The best hotel deals

It’s no secret that the Oscar nominations are a big deal, and many hotels are selling tickets for as low as $200, making it a pretty good time to make a bit of extra cash.However, the hotel industry has been a little more aggressive in promoting their hotel rooms and offering discounts on reservations, so […]

Nyl agents sell $100M worth of shares in Landstar agent website

Landstar has acquired a controlling interest in the online security services provider Nyl, with a purchase price of $100 million, the company announced.The acquisition comes after Landstar said it had sold a controlling stake in the company to another entity earlier this year.Landstar has said that Nyl has “largely fulfilled its commitment” to customers, adding […]

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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